File extension whitelist: Get

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Get the IDs of the whitelists that are assigned to the content library types. The whitelist contains the extensions of files that are permitted to be uploaded to a static content library. If the fileextensionwhitelist ID is specified, more entity details are provided.

Each type of content library has its own default whitelist identified by libraryType in the whitelist entity. In addition, each app has its own AppContent library whitelist. The following table lists the content library types and corresponding values.

Content Library Type Value


AppContent 1
SharedContent 2
Extension 3



Return value

Without entity {id} in path:

[ { "id": "1603b9cb-8600-4928-91bf-f095cfbf9983", "libraryType": 0, "privileges": null }, { "id": "0106f312-d616-4a72-84a1-12d57bf25aef", "libraryType": 3, "privileges": null }, { "id": "10db3ad9-eec8-435f-8ae0-0c4c6d5a9e20", "libraryType": 2, "privileges": null }, { "id": "4e0b802b-2b76-4017-9120-7ec31027954f", "libraryType": 1, "privileges": null } ]

With entity {id} in path:

{ "id": "4e0b802b-2b76-4017-9120-7ec31027954f", "createdDate": "2017-04-28T13:08:55.263Z", "modifiedDate": "2017-04-28T13:08:55.263Z", "modifiedByUserName": "INTERNAL\\bootstrap", "libraryType": 1, "isDefault": true, "modifiedByCustomer": false, "fileExtensions": [ { "id": "63b14210-9e9c-41fe-96d6-7af43106acdd", "name": "kml", "privileges": null }, { "id": "68c804fd-836a-4050-aa7d-87ec0c3e9401", "name": "xls", "privileges": null }, { "id": "fe675175-6f4f-44dc-aaa5-d3101e538ce2", "name": "xlw", "privileges": null }, { "id": "719ba742-58da-4d68-bee7-0f6bf4da19c3", "name": "xlsm", "privileges": null }, { "id": "d038a5f1-e5ff-4f2b-a535-aa0169934193", "name": "xlsx", "privileges": null }, ... ], "privileges": null, "impactSecurityAccess": false, "schemaPath": "FileExtensionWhiteList" }

Optional parameters

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