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Generating the API reference for the Qlik Sense Repository Service

You can generate an API reference document from the OpenAPI Specification for the Qlik Sense Repository Service. The OpenAPI Specification is an API definition file in JSON or YAML format that describes all of the public endpoints for the Qlik Sense Repository Service. It serves as a comprehensive API reference that includes:

  • A description of each endpoint.
  • The path of the endpoint including required and optional path and query parameters, if applicable.
  • An example of the request body for PUT and POST methods.
  • An example of a successful response.
  • The schema of the entity in the request body (if applicable) and in the response.
  • Possible response codes.

To generate the API reference document from the OpenAPI Specification for the Qlik Sense Repository Service:

  1. Using a REST client such as Postman, make a GET request to the following endpoint to retrieve the API definition in JSON format:


  2. Copy the response of the request.
  3. Open the online version of the Swagger Editor.
  4. Paste the response of the request into the left pane of the Swagger Editor.

    The API definition is rendered as an API reference document in the right pane.

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