Variables used

A variable has to be created before the application is being published. After an application has been published in Qlik Sense Server, only session variables can be created. A variable has to be created before the application is being published, If an app has been published in Qlik Sense Server you can only use session variables. A session variable lives and dies within the session.

Note: Session variables are never listed in VariableList.


  • CreateVariableEx


  • GetVariableById

  • GetVariableByName

  • GetVariableList


  • DestroyVariableById

  • DestroyVariableByName

Session Variables

  • CreateSessionVariable

  • DestroySessionVariable



private IVariable CreateVariable(IApp myApp)
	return myApp.CreateVariableExpression(null,new VariableProperties
		Name = "Sales2012",
		Definition = @"=Year(Today())-3"


private IVariable CreateSessionVariable(IApp myApp)
	return myApp.CreateSessionVariable(null, new VariableProperties
		Name = "Sales2011",
		Definition = @"=Year(Today())-4",

The following variables are obsolete and will be removed within a year

  • CreateVariable

  • GetVariable

  • RemoveVariable

  • SetFavoriteVariables

  • GetFavoriteVariables

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