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Creating a basic Visual Basic Windows Forms application

This topic describes how to create a basic Visual Basic Windows Forms application in Visual Studio.

Note: This procedure assumes you have created your basic setup. See: Basic setup of .NET SDK

Do the following:

  1. Create a label (label1) to display the version of the Qlik associative engine.

  2. Create an event handler for the load event of the form.

  3. Create a connection to the engine by adding a imports clause for Qlik.Engine in the Form1.vb file.

    Note: This example assumes that the engine is running locally because the hub is retrieved from Qlik.Engine.Location.FromUri.

    Then call ProductVersion as a synchronous call to retrieve the version number from Qlik associative engine and update the label.


  4. Run the program.

You have now created a basic Visual Basic Windows Form application.

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