Adding a custom preview image

This section describes how to add a custom preview image to your mashup. The preview image is displayed on your mashup on the Dev Hub start page.

Note: This functionality is not available in cloud editions of Qlik Sense.
  1. On the Dev Hub start page, select your mashup.

  2. In the Mashup Editor menu, select Import file. Import your image file.

  3. Update the QEXT file by adding the preview property as shown below.

        "type": "mashup",
        "name": "myMashup",
        "description": "Basic responsive mashup template",
        "version": "1.0.0",
        "author": "",
        "homepage": "",
        "keywords": "qlik-sense, visualization, mashup",
        "license": "",
        "repository": "",
        "dependencies": {
            "qlik-sense": ">=3.0.x"
        "preview": "myImage.png"
  4. Click Save.

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