Widget example library

Qlik Sense comes with a example widget library, widget-examples, that contains a set of widgets. These are ready to use with little or no customization.

Content of the widget-examples library

The following widgets are included in the widget-examples library:

Widget example Purpose and description
Barchart A bar chart, created only with Html & CSS.
Branded KPI Branded KPI tile, demonstrating how to create a fully responsive Widget.
Drill KPI A KPI tile where you can add up to three measures.
Formatted table with title Formatted table with a conditional title.
Icon next sheet Customizable arrow-icon to jump to the next sheet.
Responsive KPI Simple customizable and responsive KPI tile.

Finding the examples

You can find the example widgets here:

  • Qlik Sense Desktop: ...\Users\<UserName>\Documents\Qlik\Examples\Extensions
  • Qlik Sense: ...\ProgramData\Qlik\Examples\Extensions

Using the examples

If you want to see or use the example widgets in Dev Hub you must first deploy them.

Do the following:

  1. In a Qlik Sense (server) environment: navigate to ...\ProgramData\Qlik\Examples\Extensions.

    In a Qlik Sense Desktop environment: navigate to ...\Users\<UserName>\Documents\Qlik\Examples\Extensions.

  2. Create a zipped file of the entire widget-examples folder .
  3. On the Dev Hub start page, click รบ and select Import widget library.

  4. Locate the compressed file containing the widget library to import and then click Open.

    The widget library is being imported. The widget library was successfully imported is displayed when completed.

    The imported widget library can now be accessed from Dev Hub.

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