selectValues method

This API is reliable and breaking changes are unlikely.

selectValues(dimNo, values, toggleMode)

Selects values in this object. Activates the Selection bar and behaves like a standard Qlik Sense selection, including a selection preview.

Tip: Use the selectValues method in the Backend API if selections should be sent to the Qlik associative engine right away.
Tip: Refer to Horizontal list for an example that shows both ways of making selections.

Version history

Introduced 1.0



Type: Number

Dimension number (ignored if listbox).


Type: Array

Array of values to select.


Type: Boolean

If true, values in the field are selected in addition to any previously selected items.

If false, values in the field are selected while previously selected items are deselected.


$element.find('li').on('click', function() {
            if(this.hasAttribute("data-value")) {
                         var value = parseInt(this.getAttribute("data-value"), 10), dim = 0;
                         self.selectValues(dim, [value], true);

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