setLanguage method

This API is reliable and breaking changes are unlikely.


Sets a specific language for the Qlik Sense session.

Language should be defined before the app is opened meaning the setLanguage method should be called before the openApp method is called.

Version history

Introduced 2.0
Updated 3.0



Type: String

Language code. Can be:

  • German:

    short: de

    long: de-DE

  • English:

    short: en

    long: en-US

  • Spanish:

    short: es

    long: es-ES

  • French:

    short: fr

    long: fr-FR

  • Italian:

    short: it

    long: it-IT

  • Japanese:

    short: ja

    long: ja-JP

  • Korean: (introduced in version 3.0)

    short: ko

    long: ko-KR

  • Dutch:

    short: nl

    long: nl-NL

  • Polish: (introduced in version 3.0)

    short: pl

    long: pl-PL

  • Brazilian Portuguese:

    short: pt

    long: pt-BR

  • Russian:

    short: ru

    long: ru-RU

  • Swedish:

    short: sv

    long: sv-SE

  • Turkish: (introduced in version 3.0)

    short: tr

    long: tr-TR

  • Simplified Chinese:

    short: Do not use!

    long: zh-CN

  • Traditional Chinese: (introduced in version 3.0)

    short: Do not use!

    long: zh-TW


Example: Using short code for setting language


Example: Using long code for setting language


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