getReducedData method

This API is reliable and breaking changes are unlikely.

backendApi.getReducedData(qPages, qZoomFactor, qReductionMode)

Gets reduced data from the Qlik associative engine for this object. This method is intended for preserving the shape of the data, not for viewing the actual data points.

Note: This method only works for hypercubes.

Version history

Introduced 1.0



Type: Array

An array of request page objects.


Type: Number

Zoom factor.

If set to -1, the Qlik associative engine decides of the zoom factor.

If qReductionMode is D1 or S, the zoom factor is 2ⁿ. If the zoom factor is 5, the data are reduced by a factor 32.

If qReductionMode is C, the zoom factor defines the number of centroids.


Type: String

Reduction mode. Can be:

  • N for no data reduction.
  • D1 to reduce a bar chart or line chart. The profile of the chart is reduced whatever the number of dimensions in the chart.
  • S to reduce the resolution of a scatter plot.
  • C to reduce the data of a scatter plot chart.
  • ST to reduce the data of a stacked pivot table.


A promise of reduced data pages.

Tip: For more information regarding a promise, see$q#the-promise-api.


var requestPage = [{
		qTop : 0,
		qLeft : 0,
		qWidth : 10, 
		qHeight : count

this.backendApi.getReducedData(requestPage, -1, "D1").then(function(dataPages) {

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