Custom preview images

You can define a custom preview image that is visible when the visualization extension has been deployed to Qlik Sense. The preview image is visible when selecting the visualization extension in the Library or Assets panel. This is done by defining the preview parameter in the QEXT file.

Note: If you do not define the preview parameter in the QEXT file, the icon definition will be used for rendering the preview image as well.


The example below show how to define a preview image from a custom image file.

Example: Define a custom image file as preview image

	"name" : "My chart",
	"description" : "My first visualization extension",
	"icon" : "line-chart",
	"type" : "visualization",
	"version": "1.0",
	"preview" : "QlikLogo.png",
	"author": "John Doe"
This is what it looks like in the Assets panel or Library panel

Creating a custom preview image

You can create your own preview image. When creating a custom preview image there are some practices to consider.

Image type

It is recommended to use Portable Network Graphics (PNG) images or images of other bitmap formats.

Image size

The recommended image size of a custom preview image is 140 px x 140 px.

Image colors

There are no limitations or restrictions when it comes to colors.

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