String property definition

This API is reliable and breaking changes are unlikely.

The string definition property template can be used to add a custom property of string type. When defining a string property, the following fields can be used:

Field Description

Used for all custom property type definitions. Can be either string, integer, number, array or boolean.

This field is mandatory and should always be "string" for a string property type definition.

label Used for defining the label that is displayed in the property panel.
ref Name or Id used to reference a property.
defaultValue Used for defining the default value of your custom property.

Used for defining if values starting with = will be treated as expressions which are evaluated by the Qlik Associative Engine. Can be either "always", "optional" or "" (empty).

  • "always": the property will always be evaluated as an expression meaning that the property will be the value of for example "Avg(Sales)".
  • "optional": the property will only be evaluated as an expression if a = sign is leading the expression. For example "Avg(Sales)" will be presented as the string "Avg(Sales)" while "=Avg(Sales)" will be evaluated as an expression and presented as either 5 or "5" depending on if it is used in a Number/Integer component or in a String component.
  • "": If the setting is left empty or not defined at all, the property will not be evaluated as an expression meaning that the property will be the string "Avg(Sales)".
show Function returning true if property should be displayed.
maxlength The maximum number of characters the string can consist of.


Defining a custom property of string type can look like below.

Example: Add custom string property to Appearance accordion

Note: Customization of properties always start with items:.
	return {
		type: "items",
		component: "accordion",
		items: {
			settings: {
				uses: "settings",
				items: {
					MyStringProp: {
						ref: "title",
						label: "My string property",
						type: "string",
						defaultValue: "MyNewExtension"
This is what it looks like in the property panel

You can also define a new accordion item as a string property

Example: Add custom string property as a new accordion item

	return {
		type: "items",
		component: "accordion",
		items: {
			MyAccordion: {
				type: "string",
				label: "Description",
				ref: "description",
				defaultValue: "This is my description"

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