applyPatches method

This API is reliable and breaking changes are unlikely.

backendApi.applyPatches(qPatches, qSoftPatch)

Updates the properties for this object.

Version history

Introduced 1.0


Name Type Description
qPatches Array

Array of patches. Each path contains:

  • qOp: Add/Remove/Replace
  • qPath: Path to property
  • qValue: The new value in string format. Strings need to be surrounded by \".
qSoftPatch Boolean Set to True if properties should be soft, that is not persisted.


A promise of a Qlik Associative Engine reply.

Tip: For more information regarding a promise, see$q#the-promise-api.


	"qPath": "/qListObjectDef/qDef/qSortCriterias/0/qSortByLoadOrder",
	"qOp": "replace",
	"qValue": "-1"
	"qPath": "/meta",
	"qOp": "add",
	"qValue": "{ \"data\": \"this is the data\"}"
], true);

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