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Dev Hub start page


Dev Hub start page

The Dev Hub start page lists all mashups, visualization extensions, and widget libraries available to you.

Depending on your access rights, you can do the following from the Dev Hub start page:

  • Create new mashups, visualization extensions, widgets, and widget libraries.
  • Edit, duplicate, and delete a visualization extension or mashup.
  • View a mashup in your browser.
  • Open, edit, delete, import, and export a widget library.
  • View and edit the settings metadata for mashups, visualization extensions, and widget libraries.

If you have a large number of items on your start page, you can use the filter buttons to view only mashups, visualizations, or widget libraries. You can also use the search tool, which filters the items on display as you type.

Item Description

Global menu with options API Insights, Help and About.


Search. You can use the search tool to easily find a specific mashup, visualization extension, or widget library.


Filters to display all mashups, visualization extensions, and widget libraries.

Mashups Filters to display only mashups.
Visualization extensions Filters to display only visualization extensions.
Widget libraries Filters to display widget libraries only.
QlikView documents Filters to display only QlikView documents.

Click to display the Create new dialog, from which you can create a new mashup, widget, widget library or visualization extension.