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Load balancing rule audit: Get audit rules

This API is extremely reliable and will not be broken unless absolutely necessary.






Get a list of nodes, resources, and load balancing rules associated with an app.


{ "resourceType": "App", "ResourceFilter": "name eq 'myApp'" }

Return value

Note: The audit results for all objects are returned, not just for the objects that the auditor has access to. For each object, the name and GUID are returned.

{ "nodes": { "6467646f-ad6f-4546-bbb2-9efb2795a740": { "id": "6467646f-ad6f-4546-bbb2-9efb2795a740", "name": "Central", "schemaPath": "SyncAuditNode" } }, "resources": { "c8026130-37cd-46c9-b128-3ec3474c7bc6": { "id": "c8026130-37cd-46c9-b128-3ec3474c7bc6", "name": "myApp", "schemaPath": "AuditResource" } }, "rules": { "2ade0a4b-d868-4ecf-b8f8-80f6a9ec20aa": { "id": "2ade0a4b-d868-4ecf-b8f8-80f6a9ec20aa", "name": "DefaultHostAccess", "actions": 2, "disabled": false, "schemaPath": "AuditRule" }, "41d33bec-9cee-4333-9403-6d48899e86c7": { "id": "41d33bec-9cee-4333-9403-6d48899e86c7", "name": "ResourcesOnCentralNode", "actions": 1, "disabled": false, "schemaPath": "AuditRule" }, "e9d7532f-fed6-4e6a-86d3-2a886a49aa85": { "id": "e9d7532f-fed6-4e6a-86d3-2a886a49aa85", "name": "ResourcesOnNonCentralNodes", "actions": 1, "disabled": false, "schemaPath": "AuditRule" } }, "ruleApplication": [ { "nodeID": "6467646f-ad6f-4546-bbb2-9efb2795a740", "resourceID": "c8026130-37cd-46c9-b128-3ec3474c7bc6", "ruleID": "41d33bec-9cee-4333-9403-6d48899e86c7", "allowed": true, "errorAt": 0, "errorMessage": null, "evaluationState": 0, "schemaPath": "SyncRuleApplicationItem" } ], "schemaPath": "SyncAudit" }

Optional parameters


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