Custom connectors

Note: This functionality is not available in cloud editions of Qlik Sense.

Get started

You can either create a custom connector from scratch:

Getting started with the QVX SDK

Or you can use examples as a base for it:



QVX SDK - API reference

Access the complete QVX API reference documentation.

QVX SDK and custom connectors

The QVX SDK includes an interface used for developing custom connectors in QlikView and Qlik Sense. A QVX formatted file contains metadata describing a table of data and the actual data.

A custom connector can work in either of two ways:

  • It can reply to requests from QlikView or Qlik Sense to connect to a data source, retrieve data, and then stream QVX formatted data back.
  • Alternatively, it can run as a standalone application and create a QVX file to be loaded into QlikView or Qlik Sense later on.

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