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Connecting to the Qlik Engine REST API


Connecting to the Qlik Engine REST API

The Qlik Engine REST API has a set of endpoints that allow you to manage apps as well as retrieve the status and health of the engine service instance. To communicate with these paths, HTTP methods such as GET and POST are used. The content sent to and received from the paths is formatted as JSON structures.

The Qlik Engine service is a protected resource so you must be authenticated to access the API. For more information about authentication, refer to Authorizing API requests.

When communicating with the Qlik Engine REST API, the URLs generally have the following form:

Health and status of the engine service:


App management:



  • {url} is the public address of the cluster.
  • <endpoint> is one of the Qlik Engine REST API endpoints. .

Here are some examples of Qlik Engine REST API endpoints.

  • GET {url}/api/engine/healthcheck (Verifies that the engine service is healthy and returns basic status information about the running instance)
  • GET {url}/api/v1/apps/import (Imports an app into the system)

For a complete list of endpoints, refer to Qlik Engine REST API reference.


The following example uses Postman to make the API request.