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eachDataRow method

This API is reliable and breaking changes are unlikely.


Loops through data rows for this object. Only rows that are available client side will be used.

Version history

Introduced 1.0



Type: Function

Function to call for each row.

Parameters are row number and row data as an array of NxCell objects.

The loop is terminated if the function returns false.


An array of NxCell.

NxCell section in the HyperCube topic.


this.backendApi.eachDataRow(function(rownum, row) {
	html += '<li ' + style + ' class="state' + row[0].qState + '" data-value="' +
		row[0].qElemNumber + '">' + row[0].qText;
	if(row[0].qFrequency) {
		html += '<span>' + row[0].qFrequency + '</span>';
	html += '</li>';

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