SelectListObjectAlternative method

Selects all alternative values in a specific field.

This method applies to list objects (objects with one dimension).
If a field contains at least one selected value, the values that are neither selected nor excluded are alternatives values.
The member **Change** returns the handles of the objects that are updated following the selections. _qSuccess_ is set to _true_ if the selections are successful and is set to _false_ in the following cases: * The object contains some invalid fields (fields that are not in the data model). * The selection applies to a locked field. * A range selection is performed and the parameter _OneAndOnlyOne_ is set to true in the definition of the object.


Name Description Mandatory Type

Path to the definition of the object to be selected. For example, /qListObjectDef .

Yes String

Set to true to ignore locks; in that case, locked fields can be selected. The default value is false.

No Boolean


Name Description Type



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