SearchResults method

Returns the search matches for one or more search terms. Search results are organized in search groups. The type of search group indicates where the search matches come from (from data for example). Each search group contains search results that correspond to a combination of search terms. For example, if the search terms are organic , pasta , and America , the possible combination of search groups are:

  • organic
  • pasta
  • America
  • organic, pasta, America
  • organic, pasta
  • organic, America
  • pasta, America

For every search group, there are one or more search group items. Each subgroup item contains results that correspond to an item type (for example a field). For every search group item, there are one or several search matches. The position of the match in each search result is given.


Name Description Mandatory Type

Information about the search combinations.

Yes SearchCombinationOptions

Terms to search for.

Yes Array of Strings

Array of pages to retrieve.

Yes SearchPage


Name Description Type

List of search results.