CreateSessionVariable method

Creates a transient variable.

To set some properties to the variable, use the _SetProperties method_.


A variable in Qlik Sense is a named entity, containing a data value. This value can be static or be the result of a calculation. A variable acquires its value at the same time that the variable is created or after when updating the properties of the variable. Variables can be used in bookmarks and can contain numeric or alphanumeric data. Any change made to the variable is applied everywhere the variable is used. When a variable is used in an expression, it is substituted by its value or the variable's definition.


The variable x contains the text string Sum(Sales) . In a chart, you define the expression $(x)/12 . The effect is exactly the same as having the chart expression Sum(Sales)/12 . However, if you change the value of the variable x to Sum(Budget) , the data in the chart are immediately recalculated with the expression interpreted as Sum(Budget)/12 .


Name Description Mandatory Type

Name of the variable. Variable names are case sensitive.

Yes GenericVariableProperties


Name Description Type

{ "qType": "GenericVariable", "qHandle": <Handle of the variable> }