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Connecting to the Qlik Sense ODAG service API

The ODAG service API has a set of endpoints that allow you to generate apps on-demand.

Connections to the ODAG Service API endpoints are made using HTTPS by default. When communicating with the ODAG Service API, the URLs all have the following form:


where <endpoint> is one of the ODAG Service API endpoints.

Here are some examples of ODAG service API endpoints.

  • POST {url}/api/odag/v1/links (Creates a new link that enables ODAG navigation from a designated selection app to a template app.)

  • GET {url}/api/odag/v1/links (Gets navigation links and their properties.)

For a complete list of endpoints, refer to Qlik Sense ODAG service API reference.


The following examples are based on the sample app called OnDemandApp, which is packaged with every Qlik Sense installation. These examples take you through the sequence of creating a navigation link, creating an app generation request, and checking the status of the request. Postman is used to make the API requests.

Information note App navigation links that are created using the ODAG service API will not appear in the list of available navigation links in the UI.