Connecting using Microsoft Windows authentication

When using Microsoft Windows authentication, connections are made using the URL of the proxy server plus the Qlik Sense Repository Service (QRS) API path needed. Note that the xrfkey parameter is also added as a URL parameter.

Note: The following command is provided as an example only. The command may require different options depending on the cURL distribution you are using.

curl -v -L --ntlm --negotiate -u : --insecure --header "x-qlik-xrfkey: 0123456789abcdef" --header "User-Agent: Windows"

Switches used:

  • -v: Specifies verbose output.
  • -L: Specifies to follow redirects. This is required as the proxy redirects to an authentication module before executing the path.
  • --ntlm & -u :: This specifies NTLM to be used for authentication and that the current user should be used.
  • --negotiate: Enables Negotiate (SPNEGO) authentication..
  • --insecure: By default, Qlik Sense uses self-signed certificates and this switch enables the untrusted certificate to be accepted. If HTTP or a trusted certificate is used, this switch is not required.
  • --User-Agent: The proxy expects a user agent to be set to windows when using NTLM. Without this, the user is redirected to a login form.

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