Connecting using certificates

When using the Qlik Sense server certificate to connect, the connection is made directly against the Qlik Sense Repository Service (QRS) service URL, which means that port 4242 is used. The client certificate is obtained by exporting it from the Qlik Management Console (QMC) in PEM format including the secret key.

When using a certificate to authenticate, requests are made with full administrator rights. To run the commands as a specific user, add the X-Qlik-User header to use the security context of that user account.

curl --cert c:\client.pem --insecure https:// --header "x-qlik-xrfkey: 0123456789abcdef" --header "X-Qlik-User: UserDirectory=internal;UserId=sa_repository "

Switches used:

  • --insecure: By default, Qlik Sense uses self-signed certificates and this switch enables the untrusted certificate to be accepted.
  • --cert: The path to the client certificate for the server.

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