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The enigma.js library helps you to communicate with the Qlik associative engine in both Qlik Sense and Qlik Sense Desktop. You can use it to build your own client or to build your own Node.js service. Examples of use may be building your own browser-based analytics tools, backend services, or command-line scripts. The enigma.js library can be used as an SDK or to do CRUD (that is create, read, update and delete) operations on apps and on app entities.

enigma.js on GitHub

enigma.js is an open source library, developed on GitHub. Visit GitHub for the latest version of enigma.js, or if you want to contribute to the library.


The complete documentation for this library can also be found on GitHub.

Available services

This version of enigma.js provides the following services:

  • qix: provides an API to communicate with a Qlik associative engine. It can be used to build analytics tools, providing the full flexibility of the Qlik Engine JSON API.


Visit GitHub for more examples on how to use enigma.js.