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Build widgets and extensions

By using standard web technologies, you can build custom visualization objects to extend the visualization capabilities of Qlik Sense.

Build mashups

Build mashups by embedding Qlik Sense apps, sheets, and visualizations in web portals, applications, intranets and extranets.

Create connectors

Use the Qlik QVX SDK to develop new custom connectors to retrieve data from custom data sources.

Build Windows (.NET) applications

Use the .NET SDK to integrate Qlik Sense in your own software, either as a Windows application, or as a web-based application.

Automate administrative functions

Use the server side APIs to automate jobs like creating and triggering tasks, applying licenses, and uploading extensions.

Get started

Learn how to build your first basic mashup, widget and extension. Get to know the tools and plugins to make your creation process easier and faster.

Qlik Analytics Platform

The Qlik Analytics Platform is a developer platform for building custom analytic applications based on rich frontend and backend APIs. It gives you full API access to the Qlik associative engine to build rich and smart data-driven analytic applications.

API reference

Explore the full collection of the Qlik Sense APIs and SDKs

API Insights

Find API change history here.