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API reference

Building mashups and custom visualization objects

Use these resources to build and bring capabilities into visualization extensions (), widgets (), custom components () and mashups ().

Note: The term Capability API was introduced with Qlik Sense 2.1. Some of the Capability APIs were available before this version, published under the name Mashup API.

See Capability APIs.

Extension API JavaScript library      
Backend API JavaScript library      
Root API

JavaScript library (Capability API)


JavaScript library (Capability API)

Bookmark API

JavaScript library (Capability API)

Field API

JavaScript library (Capability API)

Global API

JavaScript library (Capability API)

Navigation API

JavaScript library (Capability API)

Selection API

JavaScript library (Capability API)

Table API

JavaScript library (Capability API)

Theme API

JavaScript library (Capability API)

Variable API

JavaScript library (Capability API)

Visualization API

JavaScript library (Capability API)

Custom Component API Web component      
App Integration API URL integration      
Single Integration API

URL integration

qlik-visual Web component    
enigma.js JavaScript library (Open Source)  
enigma-go Go library (Open Source)  
leonardo-ui UI library (Open Source)
picasso.js JavaScript library (Open Source)  

Building connectors

Use the QVX SDK to build customized connectors, used to retrieve data from data sources not supported by a generic Qlik Sense installation.


Building Windows applications

Use the .NET SDK to integrate Qlik Sense in your own Windows (.NET) applications.


Managing and automating administrative jobs

Use the REST APIs to manage data, configuration information and authentication.

Retrieving information about the product

Use the REST API to retrieve product information including details about the system, components, external URLs, and third-party software.

Creating on-demand apps

Use the REST API to create on-demand apps by accessing the OdagService API.

Importing users and groups

Use the .NET API to import users and groups in Qlik Sense.

API Insights

Find API change history here.