Virtual Proxy: Create

This API is extremely reliable and will not be broken unless absolutely necessary.






Create and configure a virtual proxy. The following example shows only a basic configuration. The prefix and sessionCookieHeaderName must be unique for each virtual proxy. Properties that are not configured will be set to system defaults.

A virtual proxy must be linked to a proxy service before the virtual proxy is available for use. See: Virtual Proxy: Link.


{ "prefix": "hdr", "description": "Test proxy", "sessionCookieHeaderName": "X-Qlik-Session-hdr" }

Return value

{ "id": "d4b844ba-66cc-4a38-aa6c-8d0516641bc2", "createdDate": "2017-02-22T18:09:51.896Z", "modifiedDate": "2017-02-22T18:09:51.896Z", "modifiedByUserName": "INTERNAL\\sa_repository", "customProperties": [], "prefix": "hdr", "description": "Test proxy", "authenticationModuleRedirectUri": "", "sessionModuleBaseUri": "", "loadBalancingModuleBaseUri": "", "loadBalancingServerNodes": [], "authenticationMethod": 0, "headerAuthenticationMode": 0, "headerAuthenticationHeaderName": "", "headerAuthenticationStaticUserDirectory": "", "headerAuthenticationDynamicUserDirectory": "", "anonymousAccessMode": 0, "windowsAuthenticationEnabledDevicePattern": "Windows", "sessionCookieHeaderName": "X-Qlik-Session-hdr", "sessionCookieDomain": "", "additionalResponseHeaders": "", "sessionInactivityTimeout": 30, "extendedSecurityEnvironment": false, "websocketCrossOriginWhiteList": [], "defaultVirtualProxy": false, "tags": [], "samlMetadataIdP": "", "samlHostUri": "", "samlEntityId": "", "samlAttributeUserId": "", "samlAttributeUserDirectory": "", "samlAttributeSigningAlgorithm": 0, "samlAttributeMap": [], "jwtAttributeUserId": "", "jwtAttributeUserDirectory": "", "jwtPublicKeyCertificate": "", "jwtAttributeMap": [], "magicLinkHostUri": "", "magicLinkFriendlyName": "", "privileges": null, "impactSecurityAccess": false, "schemaPath": "VirtualProxyConfig" }

Optional parameters


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