File extension: Create

This API is reliable and breaking changes are unlikely.






Add a file extension to the list of allowable file extensions; only files with extensions specified in this list and a whitelist can be uploaded to a static content library. Specify the file extension and the ID of the associated mime type in the request body; to get a list of available mime types and their IDs, refer to Mime type: Get. If a mime type is not in the list, you must add it so that the system can generate a mime type ID; refer to Mime type: Create. You can then associate the mime type ID with the file extension that you want to add.


{ "name": "abc", "mimeType": { "id": "76eb31f9-cb51-4695-b681-0f84f22c8407" } }

Return value

{ "id": "51fdeb3c-00cd-4196-a9ff-dd48a21b4ce2", "createdDate": "2017-05-08T18:21:12.400Z", "modifiedDate": "2017-05-08T18:21:12.400Z", "modifiedByUserName": "INTERNAL\\sa_repository", "name": "abc", "mimeType": { "id": "76eb31f9-cb51-4695-b681-0f84f22c8407", "mime": "", "extensions": "", "additionalHeaders": "", "binary": false, "privileges": null }, "privileges": null, "impactSecurityAccess": false, "schemaPath": "FileExtension" }

Optional parameters

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