Custom Property: Update

This API is extremely reliable and will not be broken unless absolutely necessary.






Update a custom property.

To prevent conflicts when updating entities:

  1. Retrieve the entity that you want to update.

  2. Modify the specific properties that you want to change.
  3. Perform an update, including the entire entity in the body of the request.

You must always include the entity ID and modifiedDate when performing an update. The entity ID of the body and of the URL must match.


{ "id": "4ddfbcb0-a41b-4906-9f6d-bb81297502e3", "createdDate": "2017-01-06T15:42:53.575Z", "modifiedDate": "2017-01-06T15:42:53.575Z", "modifiedByUserName": "INTERNAL\\sa_repository", "name": "Country", "valueType": "Text", "choiceValues": [ "Denmark", "Iceland", "Switzerland", "France" ], "objectTypes": [], "privileges": null, "impactSecurityAccess": false, "schemaPath": "CustomPropertyDefinition" }

Return value

{ "id": "4ddfbcb0-a41b-4906-9f6d-bb81297502e3" "createdDate": "2017-01-06T15:42:53.575Z", "modifiedDate": "2017-01-06T16:54:21.040Z", "modifiedByUserName": "INTERNAL\\sa_repository", "name": "Country", "valueType": "Text", "choiceValues": [ "Denmark", "Iceland", "Switzerland", "France" ], "objectTypes": [], "privileges": null, "impactSecurityAccess": false, "schemaPath": "CustomPropertyDefinition" }

Optional parameters


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