This API is reliable and breaking changes are unlikely.


Wrapper around hypercube data from the Qlik Associative Engine. Notification is sent when data is available. To receive notification, bind a listener on OnData of the QTable instance.

Version history

Introduced 2.1


Name Type Description
rows Array.QRow

Data rows

headers Array.QHeader

Header information

totals Array.QMeasureCell

Total information for measures

rowCount Number

Total number of rows for the qHyperCube, including rows not fetched from the server.

colCount Number

Total number of columns for the qHyperCube.


Initialization using the hypercube of the current visualization:

	 var table = qlik.table( this );

	 var listener = function() {
		var rowCount = table.rowCount;
		var colCount = table.colCount;
		table.OnData.unbind( listener );  //unregister the listener when no longer notification is needed.
	 table.OnData.bind( listener ); //bind the listener
Your main script, based on using AngularJS:

	if ( !this.$scope.table ) {
	this.$scope.table = qlik.table( this );
In your AngularJS template:
	<tr ng-repeat="row in table.rows">
        	<td ng-repeat="cell in row.cells"> {{cell.qText}} </td>;

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