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Widgets and extensions


Warning noteDEPRECATED.
Widget support is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. See Deprecation Notice – Qlik Sense Widgets and Custom Components FAQ for more information.

Widgets are similar to visualization extensions, but widgets do not require JavaScript programming. Widgets are best suited for creating simple visualizations, such as KPI objects and tables. Widgets can also be used to add simple functionality to sheets, such as buttons to clear selections or take snapshots, or to add other visual elements.

Information noteThis functionality is not available in SaaS editions of Qlik Sense.


Get started building widgets

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Visualization extensions use the same set of technologies as standard Qlik Sense visualizations, and if developed properly, the handling of them is identical to standard visualizations.

Visualization extensions

Get started building visualization extensions

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Custom components

Custom components are small, self-contained elements of code (for example JavaScript and CSS) that can be used and re-used when building widgets. Custom components make it easier for the widget designer to include sophisticated UI items such as sliders, date-pickers, and tabs because no JavaScript programming is required: the components are ready-made. The custom components are added to widgets in a declarative way.

Information noteThis functionality is not available in SaaS editions of Qlik Sense.

Custom components

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Custom themes

Themes are used to style your Qlik Sense apps and you can create your own custom themes based on your company standards.

Custom themes

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Custom objects

Custom objects are visualization objects you build to extend the visualization capabilities of Qlik Sense using standard web technologies. A custom visualization object can be seen as a plugin mechanism that allows developers to combine the power of the Qlik Sense APIs with the capabilities of the web.

There are two types of custom objects:

  • Widgets: simple app objects created using only HTML and CSS.
  • Visualization extensions: typically more complex app enhancements created using HTML and JavaScript.

In the hub you find the widgets and visualization extensions available to you in the assets panel under Custom objects.