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Custom component dependencies

Warning noteDEPRECATED.
Widget support is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. See Deprecation Notice – Qlik Sense Widgets and Custom Components FAQ for more information.

The platform governs and manages the dependencies between widgets and components they use. This dependency can either be defined when creating the widget or from the widget settings. Custom components used in widgets where no dependency has been defined will not render as expected.

You can have more than one version of the same custom component in the Qlik Sense system and if more than one version exists, the dependency is defined for a specific version. The version defined as a dependency is the version that is used in the widget.

If you replace a custom component, that is already defined as a dependency in one or more widgets, with a newer version of the same custom component you must manually update the version of the custom component from the widget settings dialog.

Invalid custom component dependencies

If a widget has a dependency to a custom component that has been removed from the file system (Qlik Sense Desktop) or from the Qlik Management Console (Qlik Sense Enterprise), the dependency is marked as invalid in the widget settings dialog.

Dependencies list depicting one marked as invalid by overlaid red lines

Invalid custom component dependencies must be manually removed by deselecting it from the list and then selecting a valid custom component.