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Communicating with Qlik Sense

When you have located your Qlik Sense installation, you can start to communicate with Qlik Sense. Some simple commands are exposed in the location object itself.

Creating a Qlik Sense app

You can create a Qlik Sense app.

Example: Communicate with Qlik Sense and creating an app

	ILocation location = Qlik.Engine.Location.FromUri(new Uri("ws://"));
	 IAppIdentifier newAppIdentifier = location.CreateAppWithName("My new App");

Finding a Qlik Sense app

You can connect to a Qlik Sense app that you know the name of.

Example: Find a named app

	IAppIdentifier foundAppIdentifier = location.AppWithNameOrDefault("My new App");

Deleting a Qlik Sense app

Example: Deleting a Qlik Sense app

	bool didDeleteApp = location.Delete(foundAppIdentifier);