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Deploying your mashup


Deploying your mashup

You can deploy your mashup in different ways. You can have your mashup running on the same server as your Qlik Sense app, or you can have your mashup and your Qlik Sense app running on different servers.

Which server do I deploy to?

The Mashup editor makes it easy to get started building mashups from scratch but it is not intended to be a full-blown IDE nor to compete with content management systems. In many cases you can start by using the built-in Mashup editor and then change to your own IDE later.

If your task is to integrate Qlik Analytics into an existing product offering or internal web solution you might consider staying in your current development environment. This means deploying your mashup on a different server than where Qlik Sense is installed.

Mashup deployment scenarios

There are a number of ways to deploy mashups. Choose the method of deployment that matches your situation:

  • Simple. Mashup is running on the same server as your Qlik Sense app.
  • Normal. Mashup is running on a different server.