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Integrating a sheet into an iframe

This procedure shows you how to embed an entire sheet into an iframe.

Note: Sheets are not responsive when embedded with the Single Integration API. If responsiveness is wanted, embed individual visualizations instead.

Do the following:

  1. Start the Single configurator.

    Working with Single configurator

  2. Select a Qlik Sense app from the drop-down list.

    A list of all sheets and objects contained in the Qlik Sense app is displayed on the 5 tab.

  3. Select a sheet.

    The entire sheet is displayed in the Preview.

  4. Select and copy the entire iframe code and then implement it into your iframe element in your mashup.

    Example: Dashboard sheet from Helpdesk Management demo app

    <iframe src="https://<ServerName>/single/?appid=ccc53d3a-77c2-48a4-9f5a-f7aa84d82f19&sheet=1ff88551-9c4d-41e0-b790-37f4c11d3df8&select=clearall" frameborder="0"></iframe>