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Qlik Sense collections service API


Qlik Sense collections service API

The Qlik Sense collections service API enables the automation of tasks related to the organization of apps in the cloud hub where collections are used to group the apps. In the context of the API, an app that belongs to a collection is known as an item.

The collections service API can be used to:

  • Create, read, update, and delete collections
  • Add an item to a collection
  • Remove an item from a collection
  • Update an item in a collection
  • Retrieve collections that the user has access to

  • Retrieve an item from a collection

To access the collections service API, you must have an Access Token, which you get from your IdP, or an API key. Include the Access Token or API key in an Authorization header when you make the API request.

Stability index

The Qlik Sense stability index indicates how stable or mature an API is. The collections service API has the stability index:


This API is under development. Do not rely on it. It may change or be removed in future versions.