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Connecting to the Qlik Sense collections service API


Connecting to the Qlik Sense collections service API

The collections service API has a set of endpoints that allow you to perform operations on collections such as creating collections or adding apps to a collection. The collections service is a protected resource so you must include an Access Token or API key in an Authorization header that you send with your request. Qlik Sense validates this token or key and responds to the API request.

The paths for accessing the API endpoints have the following form :




where {url} is the public address of the cluster, for example,

Here are some examples of collections service API endpoints. For a complete list of endpoints, refer to Collections service API reference.

  • POST {url}/api/v1/collections/{collectionId}/items (Add an item to a collection)
  • PUT {url}/api/v1//items/{itemId} (Update item properties)


The following example uses Postman to make the API request.