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Concepts for cloud editions of Qlik Sense Enterprise

This section introduces you to some common concepts in the cloud editions of Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Get an understanding of the different types of objects, what hypercubes are and how they are used, and more.

Note: The following concepts link to the Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows Concepts section.


Concept Description
Generic object Generic objects are structures for storing and interacting with data in an app. They are the primary type of entity through which the engine provides access to the components of an app.
Hypercube Hypercubes in Qlik Sense represent extractions of the data loaded for apps, and are defined through the HyperCubeDef property.
List object A list object is a type of Qlik Sense object that consists of exactly one dimension and no measures.
Master object A master object is used when you want to display the same object on several sheets.
Properties Generic objects have different properties depending on what they represent.
Paging Paging is a concept used in Qlik Sense to allow access to selected parts of data tables.
Selection models You can use selection models when creating visualizations using the APIs.
Snapshot A snapshot is a graphical representation of the state (type and data) of a data object at a point in time that you can use when you create slides used in data storytelling.