CreateApp method

Creates an app.

The operation is successful if qSuccess is set to true.


When this method is called, audit activity logs are produced to track the user activity. In the case of errors, both audit activity logs and system services logs are produced. The log files are named as follows:

Audit activity log System service log
<MachineName>_AuditActivity_Engine.txt in Qlik Sense Enterprise
<MachineName>_AuditActivity_Engine.log in Qlik Sense Desktop
<MachineName>_ServiceEngine.txt in Qlik Sense Enterprise
<MachineName>_ServiceEngine.log in Qlik Sense Desktop

Where to find the log files

The location of the log files depends on whether you have installed Qlik Sense Enterprise or Qlik Sense Desktop.

Qlik Sense Enterprise Qlik Sense Desktop
%ProgramData%/Qlik/Sense/Log/Engine %UserProfile%/Documents/Qlik/Sense/Log


Name Description Mandatory Type

Name of the app.

Yes String

Name of the first section in the script editor. The default value is Main.

No String


Name Description Type
qSuccess Boolean

One of:

  • Path and name of the app (Qlik Sense Desktop)
  • GUID (Qlik Sense Enterprise)

Access Control


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