Microsoft Active Directory

This User Directory Connector (UDC) connects to a Microsoft Active Directory (AD) domain to retrieve users. The property UserDirectoryName in the user directory instance is the domain of the AD.

The table below lists the settings for the ADUDC.

[Setting] [Type] [Category] [DefaultValue] [Description]
Path string Connection LDAP:// The URI that is used to connect to the AD domain. To support Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), specify the protocol as LDAPS instead.
User name string Connection   The optional user ID that is used to connect to the AD server. If this is empty, the user that runs the repository is used to log on to the AD server.
Password string (secret) Connection   The optional password for the user above.
Additional LDAP filter string Advanced   Used as the LDAP query to retrieve the users in the AD. An internal filter is used to retrieve the correct nodes and all groups that may be of interest for group resolution.
Synchronization timeout in seconds integer Advanced 240 The number of seconds before the method SyncUsers() times out and throws a TimedOutException.
Page size for search integer Advanced 2000 The number of posts retrieved when reading data from the data source. If there are problems with setting the Page size property during user synchronization, this setting may be empty.

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