Some parameters in the paths are optional (for example, {filter} and {orderBy}). This section describes how to use the filtering parameters.


The filter syntax is as follows:

[property] [relational operator] [value]

[property] [relational operator] [value] [conditional operator] [property] [relational operator] [value] ...

Relational operators

The following table lists the relational operators and the data types for which they are valid.

Note: Strings that are specified with relational operators are case insensitive.
Operator Description String Int Enum GUID


eq Equal x x x x x x
ne Not equal x x x x x x
gt Greater than   x x   x x
ge Greater than or equal   x x   x x
lt Less than   x x   x x
le Less than or equal   x x   x x
sw Starts with x          
ew Ends with x          
so Substring of x          

Conditional operators

The following table lists the conditional operators.

Operator Description
and Logical and
or Logical or


Filtering examples:

  • ServiceType eq Engine
  • Status eq Failed and FinishedAt gt '2012-05-09 12:00:00'
  • Organization eq 'ACME Inc.' or Name eq 'Joe Smith'

URL example: Get count path

https://<QRS machine name>:4242/qrs/app/count?Xrfkey=abcdef123456&filter=Name eq 'MyappName'

Get count

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