This API is extremely reliable and will not be broken unless absolutely necessary.






Add a new entity of a specific [type]. Optionally, include an empty GUID in the API call.


POST qrs/stream: Add a new stream object.

Note: To create an app through an API call, use the engine API (see Create an app), which reuses the /qrs/app endpoint. It is the engine that creates the app's metadata, so if you attempt to create an app by calling the qrs/app API endpoint directly, you will get an entry in the database but no physical file.



The body must contain a JSON structure that corresponds to an object of the given [type].

Return value


The entity is returned, which makes it possible to check the properties that are automatically initialized or updated by the Qlik Sense Repository Service (QRS). For example, if no GUID is given in the body, the QRS automatically assigns a GUID to the new entity.

Optional parameters

Example: Add custom property to engine services

This example shows how to create a custom property and add it to the engine service entity type.

Example: Add tag

This example shows how to add a tag.

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