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Installing QvFacebookConnector

You are now ready to install the Facebook connector.

  1. Create a new folder for the connector in the Custom Data folder.

    Typically you name the new folder with the same name as the connector--QvFacebookConnector.

    For QlikView: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\QlikTech\Custom Data\QvFacebookConnector.

    If the Custom Data folder does not exist, you need to create it as well.

  2. Then copy the following files into the newly created folder:

    <Solution Path>\QvFacebookConnector\bin\Release\QvxLibrary.dll

    <Solution Path>\QvFacebookConnector\bin\Release\QvFacebookConnector.exe

    <Solution Path>\QvFacebookConnector\bin\Release\Facebook.dll

The connector is now installed and ready to use in QlikView.

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