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Handling JSON request command

We have added a new overridable method to QvxServer, HandleJSONRequest. If you implement this method you will be able to handle any QVX_GENERIC_COMMAND that is not one of the pre-defined ones in the QVX API documentation. For a good example have a look at the getTables() call in selectdialog.js and compare it to the handler in QvEventLogServer.cs in the EventLogSimple connector.

Example: implementation of HandleJSONRequest

/// <summary> /// This method should be overridden by a custom connector. It /// should return a QvxReply. /// </summary> /// <param name="method">Method called</param> /// <param name="userParameters">User defined parameters</param> /// <param name="connection">Reference to the current connection</param> /// <returns>A QvxReply</returns> string HandleJsonRequest(string method, string[] userParameters, QvxConnection connection)

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