listbox properties

This API is reliable and breaking changes are unlikely.


These are the properties used by Qlik Sense list boxes.

When the engine calculates the layout of a list object, it calculates all values. If some selections are applied, the selected values are displayed along with the excluded and optional values

Version history

Introduced Qlik Sense November 2017



Type: Boolean

Show title for the visualization.

Default: true.


Type: Boolean

Sets if visualization details should be shown.

Default: false


Type: String | Expression

Visualization title shown if "showTitles": true.


Type: String | Expression

Visualization subtitle shown if "showTitles": true.


Type: String | Expression

Visualization footnote shown if "showTitles": true.


Type: Object

A subset of the properties available in the ListObjectDef is presented here. For complete documentation of all available properties, see Engine API: ListObjectDef.


Name Type Description
qDef Object

Refers to a dimension stored in the list object

Extends NxInlineDimensionDef, see Engine API: NxInlineDimensionDef.

Additional properties

Name Type Description
autoSort Boolean

Defines if the dimension has been sorted automatically.

Default: true

cID String ID used by the client. Must be unique within the current visualization.

Example using Visualization API

Tip: For more examples of how to create list boxes on the fly, see Mashups: Creating list boxes.

In this example we create a basic list box with a custom title.

    "showTitles": true,
    "title": "Courses"

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