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Code samples of capabilities and use cases of Qlik Sense .NET SDK


Code samples of capabilities and use cases of Qlik Sense .NET SDK

The Qlik Sense .NET SDK is a development toolbox for use with applications such as Microsoft® Visual Studio®. The sample code provided by Qlik is to demonstrate capabilities and use cases of the API. They are provided on an as-is basis, without any guarantees that they will work in all system configurations and future software releases. These code samples are released under: Wikipedia: MIT license.

Sample code
Name Description

Abstract structure - enables dynamic data in a statically typed environment

Provides a feature to make it possible for the user to explicitly, and dynamically, state how to interpret a JSON object in the form of a C# class.

App preload - a cache warmer

Shows how the Qlik Sense .NET SDK can be used to achieve fast load times when large apps are opened in the client for the first time.

App traverser - extract information from applications

Traversing an app, to show what visualizations an app contains.

Custom desktop - a Windows form dashboard

Creates a custom desktop that launches Qlik Sense as a background process and provides a simple custom GUI for interacting with it.

Data storytelling - create a story Shows how the Qlik Sense .NET SDKcan be used to create a Qlik Sense story.
Note: The code samples may have been created with an earlier version of the Qlik Sense .NET SDK. You then need to update to the latest version of the Qlik Sense .NET SDK manually.

Install sample

  1. Click on the sample you want to download.

  2. Click Install and the sample you choose will open in Visual Studio.

    The VSIX Installer dialog.

  3. Open Microsoft Visual Studio. Select File > New > Project. The New Project dialog is displayed.

    Note: Screen shots in this procedure depicts Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.
  4. In the New Project dialog, double-click on the sample you want to download. Specify a save location and OK.

    Note: Make sure the .NET Framework version is set to 4.5.2, or higher.

    The New Project dialog. Under "Samples", "Qlik Sense SDK" is selected.

  5. All references will be marked with a warning, you need to download the references from NuGet.

    In Microsoft Visual Studio, select Build > Rebuild Solution.

    The Solution Explorer. All Qlik.Engine and Qlik.Sense files are marked with caution symbols.

The references are downloaded from the NuGet package.

The NuGet Package Manager.