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Adding a custom preview image

This section describes how to add a custom preview image to your visualization extension. The preview image is displayed in the preview window which is accessed by selecting the visualization extension from the library.

  1. Create a new image and save it as a PNG file. It should be saved in the same folder as your other extension files.

    Note: The preview image should be saved in PNG format.
    Note: The recommended image size of a custom preview image is 140 px x 140 px.
  2. Update the QEXT file by adding the preview property as shown below. In this example we use a image of the Qlik Sense logo.

        "name" : "Extension Tutorial - Hello World",
        "description" : "Extension Tutorial, Simple Hello World.",
        "icon" : "extension",
        "preview" : "qlik-sense-logo.png",
        "type" : "visualization",
        "version": "0.1",
        "author": "Your Name"

You have now added a custom preview image.