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Navigation API

Note: If you are using Qlik Sense Business or Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, see the API documentation at the Qlik (Developer Portal).

This API is reliable and breaking changes are unlikely.


The Navigation API allows you to navigate within a Qlik Sense app, and is meant to be used in visualization extensions, and will not work in Mashup scenarios.

Version history

Each method and property contain information around when it was introduced, updated, deprecated or removed. A list of all relevant API changes per version release can be found in API version history.

Version history
Version state Details
Introduced 2.1

Getting started

The following example shows how the Navigation API can be used when creating navigation button widgets.

<div class="lui-buttongroup">
	<lui-button ng-click="navigation.nextSheet()">Next sheet</lui-button>
	<lui-button ng-click="navigation.prevSheet()">Previous sheet</lui-button>
	<lui-button ng-click="navigation.setMode('edit')">Edit mode</lui-button>


Member descriptions
Name Type Description
analysis String Used for analysis mode.
edit String Used for edit mode.

Possible errors