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What’s new in Qlik Sense November 2019

Table styling

This feature gives the app developer more control over the style, look and feel when creating tables, including:

  • Options to style the straight table
  • Theme properties
  • Header font size and color
  • Cell font size and color
  • Center align columns

Table properties

Improved Accumulation in bar chart, line chart, combo chart, and table

  • The Accumulation modifier in the Visualization API lets you accumulate values of your measures in a bar chart, line chart, combo chart and table.
  • Accumulation can be made over the whole dimension or in a finite number of steps

Visualization API>Options


The stability index of the open source library has changed from Experimental to Stable.

enigma-go library

Mekko chart

The Mekko chart has been added to the list of supported chart types.

Mekko chart properties