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What’s new in Qlik Sense June 2020


What’s new in Qlik Sense June 2020


Mini chart

In a straight table, you can now add a mini chart to a table cell. This mini chart is a small line chart that lets you measure across a second dimension.

Table properties

New bullet chart

The new bullet chart is a custom-built gauge for displaying KPIs. The new bullet chart has extended customization and improved functionality. The new bullet chart replaces the bullet chart that was previously included as part of the visualization bundle.

Bulletchart properties

Custom Tooltip enhancements

Improved custom tooltip options for the following chart types:

  • barchart
  • line chart
  • pie chart
  • map
  • tree map
  • combo chart
  • scatter plot

Embedded analytics

Developer portal

Qlik Developer Portal is the new home for discovering, learning, and referencing APIs for the Qlik platform. In this initial release, the portal will include API reference documentation for the management of APIs in SaaS editions of Qlik Sense along with product tutorials available for public consumption. In addition, the Developer Portal includes reference and tutorials for Nebula.js and Enigma.js, Qlik's framework-agnostic libraries for integrating analytics.

Qlik Developer portal

Command Line Interface

Automate Qlik Sense into your DevOps processes with Qlik-CLI. Qlik-CLI enables IT administrators of Qlik SaaS editions and QSEoK to script administrative workflow into external batch processes, automate moving workloads to the cloud, and interact with application models to validate data all from a command line.

Qlik Developer portal


Nebula.js 1.0 is a library for easily embedding Qlik into other web application and making custom visualizations. This release includes a command-line interface for making new visualizations compatible with all editions of Qlik Sense and access to an assortment of base-line visualizations from Qlik Sense through NPM to embed in projects.